Raw milk mare frozen at -18 ° C.

Milking, filtration and cooling to 4 ° C before packaging. Subsequent re filtering and packaging to be frozen at -18 ° C, its sales format.

At - 18 ° C without exposure to light.

75 ml containers and self sealing cap.

Composition % (in percentage)

(1) The level of fat is much lower than any other animal milk of regular use, and its % of unsaturated fatty acids are much higher (approximately 80%). This type of fat provides a great quantity of fat-soluble vitamins.

(2) It has a high level of lactose that gives a sweet flavour to the milk. Its molecular composition makes it more similar to goat's milk than cow's milk.

(3) Regarding proteins, the ones with a high nutritional value, which are the soluble because they contain all the essential amino acids, are present in a higher % than in any other milk. Therefore, this milk has a very high nutritional value.
Regulatory parameters:
Regulated by the Regulation (CE) 2597/1997, Regulation (CE) 1664/2006, Regulation (CE) 852/2004, on the quality and hygiene of milk. These regulations are followed in relation to the aspects of food security and hygiene, given that we accomplish the same parameters and controls established for the milk of other animal species.

Microbiological controls:
The manufacturing processes in Equpirinenc guarantee the accomplishment of the reference parameters for raw milk, which are the following:

-Bacteria /ml at 30 ºC ≤ 500.000 uƒc (CFU, colony-forming unit)

- Voluntary monitoring:
Salmonella (absence in 25 g)
Listeria monocytogenes (absence in 25 g)
E. Coli (maximum 100 uƒc / g)

Food quality control:
EQU Pirinenc has implemented a Guide to Good Hygiene Practises that guarantees the accomplishment of the quality and microbiological parameters mentioned above.